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Having followed politics for 50+ years, I have come to the conclusion that Australians get the Governments they all deserve.

Get out there and make a difference. Stop being so apathetic about the IDIOTS that are / have / will be in power. Sitting on your big fat ARSE watching TV while your country goes down the DRAIN.

No need to watch the Zombies on that crap TV show “The Walking Dead.   Just watch 10 minutes of Parliamentary Question time on the ABC. A whole chamber full of brain-dead Zombies.

Think, Agitate, React, Campaign, Donate, Help out, VOTE WISELY.

Join or start a new political party, there is more to politics than just Liberal/Nationals & Labor (Don’t get me started on the idiotic Greens).

Do whatever it takes to get real effective leadership and governance. It is not leaders that make a difference, it is the attitudes of the people that allow clowns to be your leaders.

Just don’t accept whatever is dished up by idiots that in a real democracy wouldn’t be allowed to empty the rubbish bin.

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